About Us

Impact Auto Glass, located in Winter Garden, FL, Established in 2019, with the most extensive spectrum of auto glass care and replacement services, we become a leading auto glass repair company by ensuring that we are the ideal choice for consumers and for insurance agencies.

Impact auto glass is the ideal auto glass repair and replacement company by insurance agencies and agents.


Premium Service

Impact Auto Glass consolidates the best materials and expertise with quick and effective service. No matter your location, with our state-of-the-art mobile service, we provide services at your home, business place, or any nearby location you pick, and you can schedule or book an appointment online.


Insurance claim Processing

Impact Auto Glass comprehends the billing procedure, and we have exceptional notoriety with insurance agencies and car insurance agents all through the state. We handle all the insurance installments, refund paperwork, and ensure your case settles correctly and speedily.


Experience the Landmark with Qualified Experts

If your insurance agency alludes you to any specific auto glass workshop, you reserve the privilege to select the best auto glass replacement company. We serve several areas throughout the state, equipped with standard quality of accessories and materials, and offer a lifetime work guarantee. Our experienced staff filed the complete insurance claim process with the final inspection.